Socketsafe is the UK‘s biggest selling lockable plug and socket cover.

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Dormina UK is a family company established over 10 years which conceived
and designed an innovative business and household safety device we named Socketsafe®.

Socketsafe works as an add-on to all standard wall mounted socket boxes. Installation is simple, taking less than five minutes, requiring only a screwdriver,
with no need for socket removal or contact with live wires.

Socketsafe is now the UK market’s biggest selling lockable plug and socket cover, with over 70 000 satisfied customers. No other socket device comes close to offering the security, practicality and reliability of Socketsafe.

Socket Cover Installation

There are five distinct markets for Socketsafe products:

  • Private households
  • Business / government – public access areas
  • Business / government – work areas
  • Existing manufacturers of socket covers
  • Residential and commercial property developers

Socketsafe retails at price points from £8.99 per double socket cover. The design innovations behind Socketsafe are protected by several different patents issued worldwide. Socketsafe is available for purchase either directly from Dormina or from authorised online retailers.

Socketsafe is available currently for UK standard plug sockets only. Dormina welcomes trade enquiries from reputable UK and overseas businesses. Socketsafe is available to manufacture under licence for alternative socket designs in overseas markets. Click here to view Dormina Socketsafe international design patent portfolio. Please email for further information.

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Key domestic applications for Socketsafe:

  • Security against unauthorised abuse of plugs and sockets open to public access
  • General accident prevention and the safety of children in particular
  • Protection for appliances designed to be plugged in and powered on permanently
  • Attractive and functional decoration for the home or office
  • Deter or prevent unauthorised access to telephone sockets or the removal of phone, facsimile or modem jacks
Key commercial applications for Socketsafe include:
Nursing Homes  ·  Airports  ·  Libraries  ·  Hospitals  ·  Schools & Nurseries  ·  Data Centres  ·  Hotels & Condominium  · Leisure Centres

Socketsafe® is a registered trademark of Dormina UK Ltd. Licensing and Trade enquiries email: